Types of Complete Implant Dentures – Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Types of Complete Implant Prostheses


There are two types of complete denture prostheses: removable and fixed. Both can be used to replace a complete set of teeth.


  • Removable means you`ll be able to take it out of your mouth.
  • Fixed means it can only be taken out by a dentist. You and your restorative dentist can discuss which type is best for you.


Removable Prosthesis


With a removable prosthesis, the new teeth are joined to the implants by a connecting device, such as a clip and bar. This allows you to take the prosthesis out for cleaning. For support, this type often uses four to six implants per jaw.


Removable Dental Implant Denture


Fixed Prosthesis


With a fixed prosthesis, the new teeth are fitted to a frame that is secured to the implants. Five or more implants are placed along the contour of the jaw. In some cases, a fixed prosthesis offers more stability for chewing.

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