Dental Savings Traveling to Dominican Republic

Dental savings involves traveling to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Let’s say you need 6 implants for a full arch with a 12 piece porcelain bridge, which will have a cost in the USA at least of USD$30,000.00.

6 implant bridge




Expenses of the same procedure here in the Dominican Republic
USD$9,700.00 for 6 implants + full arch with a 12 piece porcelain bridge
US$2,100.00 approximately in a good hotel (this is for the 2 trips, one to place the implants and 4 month later for the bridge)
US$1400 for flights

USD$13,200.00 total expenses here in the Dominican Republic vs. the USD$30,000.00 + in the USA.

We offer high-quality dental service, the one patients expect and deserve, the implants  and material we use are all recognized brands from the USA, we can provide brand’s names so patients can make their own research and verify what we say here is right. We have been doing private adult dentistry for 10 years; we have placed around 800 dental implants and have done many updates implants courses, conference, some of them in the USA, we really care about our patient’s health and before they come to our country or make any decision we always explain all the options and treatment alternative.We are professionals and we do not do business at the expense of patients.