Dental implant Overdenture

Implant Overdenture

The prosthetic implant is an alternative to conventional full dentures. The oral rehabilitation with osseointegrated implants is a therapy that can be used in different situations with high success rate, and well documented scientific evidence.

While conventional full dentures can meet the needs of many individuals, other patients want better retention, stability, function and aesthetics, especially for the lower jaw.

Dental Implant Overdenture



  • Patients who want to increase the retention of total prosthesis.
  • Patients with bony quality and quantity do not want to undergo reconstructive surgeries bony
  • Patients who do not want a fixed prosthesis.
  • Patients have difficulty performing oral hygiene impossible for a fixed prosthesis.
  • Intermaxillary discrepancy correspondence.


  • Low cost in comparison with fixed prostheses.
  • Improved retention compared with conventional total prosthesis
  • Aesthetic
  • Hygiene
  • Easy to repair
  • Lip Support


The prosthetic implant installations  modified diets,  improve nutritional status, and has impact on the overall health of people.The overdenture provides the ability to chew efficiently variety of foods.


Dental Implant Overdenture

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