Cost of Implants Dentures

Cost of Implants Dentures in The Dominican Republic

Overdenture is an alternative to conventional full dentures, hold by 2 implants, this overdenture will give better retention, stability, function, and aesthetics, especially for the lower jaw, you can get 2 implants and the overdenture attached the same day.

Cost of Dental Implant Overdenture - Dominican Republic
Dental Implant Lower Jaw Removable Overdenture


Cost of 2 Implants Lower Jaw Overdenture
For 2 implants you will pay USD$ 1400 + USD$1500 for the overdenture. So the total for this procedures is USD$2900


Cost of 4 implant Upper Jaw Overdenture
For the upper jaw we need to place 4 implants, then we have to wait 4 to 6 month (healing time, so the implants will add to the bone biologically) before doing the final dentures, meanwhile, the patient can use a temporary denture that we will provide free of charges.

Cost of 4 Implant Upper Jaw removable overdenture
4 Implant Upper Jaw Removable Overdenture

For the 4 implants, you will pay USD$2800 + USD$2500 for the overdenture. So the total for this procedures is USD$5300




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