Cost of a full mouth dental implants

Cost of a full mouth dental implants in the Dominican Republic


There are two options for a full set of fixed teeth with dental implants top and bottom.

  • 1- All on four dental implants. For this procedure, 4 implants are placed on the top and 4 implants on the bottom. These 4 implants will hold a fixed hybrid The cost of all on four dental implants is US$6,300 top and US$6300 bottom, so a full mouth has a cost of US$12,600.


Cost of All on four dental implants


  • 2- Porcelain Bridge with 10 to 12 pieces on it, this bridge will be heldp by 6 or more implants. So we need to place at least 6 implants top and 6 implant bottom. The cost for a porcelain bridge fixed to 6 implants is US$9700 for one arch, so a full set top and bottom will cost US$19,400.


Cost of full top teeth dental implant bridge