Dental Implants Cost – Dominican Republic

Cost of dental implants  in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

A single dental implant including the abutment and crown is just US$1,100.00, while in USA would cost from US$3,500 up to US$7,000.00 in the most expesive citys like Boston, New York or LA.

Among the factors that influence Dental Implants`s prices are: grafts, the bone regeneration , soft tissue grafts, sinus lifting, the use of synthetic bone during surgery, there is also many surgical techniques such as the widening of the alveolar crest where designed implants are use for these types of cases.

On the other hand, a well trained group of professionals is required during dental implant surgery, who work together to achieve the desired outcomes for the patient. A prosthodontist carefully evaluates each case and then develop a plan to meet your particular needs. In addition to our surgical staff, the laboratory technicians perform various services to achieve the desired results. In the world market of implant dentistry there are many brands of dental implants, we only use the best and recognized brands in the United States, contact us and we will give you the names of each brand and their web pages, so you can verify the above. On the next lines you will see our prices for dental implants procedures.

Implant Prices

In conditions that can be considered as normal, where the bone and soft tissue are stable, the placement of the implant is US$700 each(this include xrays,surgical guide, teeth mold and medications before and after the surgery), in some cases a CT Scan(computer tomography) is needed, in these cases US$180 is added.


A  bone or  soft tissue graft  can cost from US$225-600, a sinus lift US$900-1200, the price of the prosthesis may vary, for single crowns, aesthetic metal-ceramic plus the abutment US$400, pure ceramic crowns and zirconium crowns ranging from US$500-900. These are real prices, after a correct diagnosis and treatment plan, we will  explain each procedure step by step and their respective prices.There is no hidden fees. Click here to see  our implants step by step guide.


We take Cash, Credit Card, Debit Card, VISA, Master Card, and Bank deposits. 10% discount on cash after US$4000


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Dental Implants in Dominican Republic Cost.