Benefits of Dental Implants

Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants allow us to chew with total comfort, smile and talk to the same security as our own teeth. In this sense, it is important to understand that an implant is nothing more than an artificial root. They are useful in terms of offering support to prosthesis in all its types.


The main benefits of Dental Implants are:
1.- Replace dentures (removable) for fixed teeth, improving the function and simultaneously serve as an anchor for this type of dentures, increasing the stability

Dental Implants Fixed Bridge and Overdentures


2.- To replace  teeth without touching the natural teeth, allowing us to chew with total comfort, smile and talk with confidence.
Dental Implants Benefits


3.- Stop bone resorption; In the jaws after a tooth extraction the bone begins to lose over time as a natural process. Implants placement and the stimulus of mastication, can create an osteocondensation or ossification process around the implants, stopping bone resorption and may even induce the formation of bone around them.

Bone Resorption - Dental Implants

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